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Publication 38 (2018)

Country Acres and Cul-de-sacs: Connecticut Circle Magazine Reimagines Reimagines the Nutmeg State, 1938 - 1952

Jay Gitlin, editor

Publication 37 (2014)

A Connecticut Yankee in Lincoln's Cabinet: Navy Secretary Gideon Welles Chronicles the Civil War

J. Ronald Spencer, editor

Publication 36 (2011)

The Peopling of New Connecticut: From the Land of Steady Habits to the Western Reserve

Richard Buel Jr., editor


Publication 35 (2007)

Original Discontents: Commentaries on the Creation of Connecticut's Constitution of 1818

Richard Buel Jr. and George J. Willauer, editors

Publication 34 (1999)

Connecticut Observed: Three Centuries of Visitors' Impressions 1676–1940

Richard Buel Jr. and J Bard McNulty, editors


Publication 33 (1990)

John Warner Barber's Views of Connecticut Towns 1834–1836

Christopher P. Bickford and J. Bard McNulty, editors

Publication 32 (1976)

Letters and documents of Ezekiel Williams of Wethersfield, Connecticut, Deputy Commissary General of Prisoners of War within the State of Connecticut

John C. Parsons, editor

Publication 31 (1968)

The Journal of William Stebbins Stratford to Washington in 1810

Pierce W. Gaines, editor

Publication 30 (1961)

Windham in 1800  Hezekiah Ripley

Tolland in 1804  Hezekiah Ripley

Willington in 1805  Samuel Dunton

Pomfret in 1800  Aaron Putnam

Publication 29 (1961)

Preston in 1801  Levi Hart

Lisbon (Hanover) in 1800  Andrew Lee

Lisbon (Newent) in 1801  David Hale

Publication 28 (1961)

Bethlem in 1812  Azel Backus

Watertown in 1801  Chauncey Prindle

ublication 27 (1961)

Winchester–Winsted in 1813

Eliphaz Alvord

Publication 26 (1961)

Wallingford in 1811-12

George Washington Stanley

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Publication 25 (1954)

Ridgefield in 1800

Samuel Goodrich

Available here

Publication 24 (1954)

Union in 1803

Solomon Wales

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Publication 23 (1949)

Stratfield in 1800

Philo Shelton

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Publication 22 (1949)

Haddam in 1808

Levi H. Clark

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Publication 21 (1949)

Goshen in 1812

Lewis M. Norton

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Publication 20 (1949)

Franklin in 1800

Samuel Nott

Publication 19 (1949)

East Windsor in 1806

David McClure

Publication 18.5 (1947)

Report of Connecticut Towns

Text of the circular sent by the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, Januar 1800

Publication 18 (1947)

Second Supplementary List of Books Printed in Connecticut 1709-1800

Albert C. Bates

Publication 17 (1938)

Supplementary List of Books Printed in Connecticut 1709-1800

Albert C. Bates

Publication16 (1933)

Reports of the Cases Adjudged in the Superior Court of the State of Conn. 1785–1789

Ephraim Kirby

Publication 15 (1926)

Abel Buell of Connecticut. Silversmith, Typefounder & Engraver

Lawrence C. Wroth

Publication 14 (1917)

A List of Official Publications of Connecticut 1774–1788

Publication 13 (1916)

Roll and Journal of Connecticut Service in Queen Anne’s War. (1710-11)

Publication 12 (1915)

Reports on the Laws of Connecticut (1733-6)

Frances Fane

Publication 11 (1914)

Diary of Benjamin F. Palmer, Privateersman (1813–1815)

Benjamin F. Palmer

Publication 10 (1906)

Luke Gridley’s Diary of 1757

Luke Gridley

Publication 9 (1904)

List of Books Printed in Connecticut 1709-1800

J. Hammond Trumbull

Publication 8, (1902)

Charles Jeremy Hoadly, LL.D., A Memoir

W. N. Chattin Carlton, M.A.

Publication 7 (1902)

The Warwick Patent

Charles J. Hoadly

Publication 6 (1901)

Thomas Short, the First Printer of Connecticut

W. DeLoss Love

Publication 5 (1901)

Acts and Laws of His Majesties Colony of Connecticut in New England (1702)

Publication 4 (1900)

Relation of the Pequot Warres (1660)

Lion Gardener

Publication 3 (1900)

Connecticut Statute Laws (to 1836)

Albert C. Bates

Publication 2 (1900)

The Hiding of the Charter

Charles J. Hoadly

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Publication 1 (1899)

A Short Catechism Drawn out of the Word of God (1684)

Samuel Stone