Current Members

Listed with the year joined

David J. Corrigan, 2015
Curator, Museum of Connecticut History
Specialty: Industrial history

David W. Dangremond, 2009
Art History Department, Trinity College
Board of Trustees, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
Specialty: American Art, architecture, and decorative arts

Andrew W. German, 2019
Independent publishing professional
Specialty: Civil War, colonial American, maritime, and cavalry studies

Jay Gitlin, 2011
Department of History, Yale University
Specialty: History of the American West, history of Quebec, urban and suburban history

Laurie Pasteryak, 2016
Curator of Exhibitions, Fairfield Museum
Specialty: 17th century Connecticut, Connecticut cultural landscapes, and museum studies (historical and empathetic exhibitions)

Richard C. Malley, 2002
History & Museum Consultant
Specialty: Maritime, transportation and technological history

Elizabeth J. Normen, 2016
Founding Publisher & President Emeritus, Connecticut Explored, the magazine of Connecticut history
Specialty: public history, Connecticut

Jeffrey F. L. Partridge, 2014
Humanities Department, Capital Community College
Specialty: American literature, place-based education (Hartford focus)

William N. Peterson, 2010
Curator Emeritus, Mystic Seaport Museum
Specialty: Connecticut Maritime History

Patrick L. Pinnell, 2012
AIA / Architecture & Town Planning LLC
Specialty: History of land use, planning, and architecture

Robert H. Smith, Jr., 2007
Attorney, Robinson & Cole LLP, Hartford
Specialty: Hartford and Connecticut cultural and institutional history

Leslie Starr, 2016
Wesleyan University Press, retired
Specialty: Publishing, marketing, graphic design

Thomas Truxes, 2009
History Department and Irish Studies Program, New York University
Specialty: Early-modern Irish economic and social history, Atlantic trade, New York City

Carolyn Wakeman, 2013
Graduate School of Journalism, U.C. Berkeley, retired; curatorial archivist, Florence Griswold Museum
Specialty: Connecticut local history

Kendall Wiggin, 2011
Connecticut State Library
Specialty: Connecticut History

George J. Willauer, 1998
English Department, Connecticut College, retired
Specialty: Connecticut history

Walter W. Woodward, 2006
Connecticut State Historian, Emeritus
Specialty: Early American history, Connecticut history

Honorary Members
Richard Buel, Jr., 1993
Christopher Collier, 1986
James F. English, 1981
Helen Higgins, 2000
Howard Lamar, 1998
Curtis Patton, 2008
John W. Shannahan, 1998
Ann Y. Smith, 2007
J. Ronald Spencer, 2007