The Acorn Club of Connecticut

An early logo for the Acorn Club of Connecticut.

Since its inception at the end of the 19th century, the Acorn Club has been devoted to the publication of books about Connecticut history, broadly defined. These have included books and other publications that had long been out of print, monographs, and collections of primary sources dealing with a common theme.

For many years, the club focused on works about the colonial and early national periods. But some of its recent books have dealt with later periods of the state’s history. 

Its latest publication, Country Acres and Cul-d-sacs: Connecticut Circle Magazine Reimagines The Nutmeg State, 1938 - 1952 is the first to deal exclusively with a 20th century topic. 

Visit the Publications tab for a complete list of the Club’s 38 books, including links to those in print or available on line.