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From the Acorn Club and Wesleyan University Press

Country Acres and Cul-de-Sacs: Connecticut Circle Magazine Reimagines The Nutmeg State, 1938 – 1952  


Country Acres and Cul-de-Sacs, edited by Yale historian Jay Gitlin with contributing essays by members of the Acorn Club, reproduces selected articles and other materials that appeared in Connecticut Circle magazine, a predecessor to the current Connecticut magazine. Connecticut Circle was published from 1938 until 1970. The first decade and a half of Connecticut Circle issues provide a wonderful window into many of the cultural, social, economic, and political changes the state experienced between the Great Depression and the early 1950s.

A dozen chapters include: “Connecticut Writers, Artists, and Actors,” “Business, Industry, and Transportation,” “Connecticut Goes to War,” “Educational Institutions,” and “Mapping the Past.” Gitlin and contributing writers provide background and context, and the book is more extensively illustrated than other Acorn Club books. The book features a portfolio of Connecticut Circle covers and other materials.

328 pages
256 illustrations
9" x 12"

Table of Contents

Preface: Reading Connecticut Circle Magazine
Introduction: Connecticut Circle: The Life of a State in Transition, 1938–1952

1. Connecticut Goes to War – J. RONALD SPENCER

2. Politics and Politicians, and Editorials – WALTER WOODWARD

3. Agriculture and Natural Resources – GEORGE J. WILLAUER

4 Business, Industry, and Transportation – PATRICK L. PINNELL

5. Mapping the Past: Bits of History – THOMAS M. TRUXES

6. Projecting the Future: Identity, Real Estate, and Colonial Revival – JAY GITLIN

7. Connecticut Writers, Artists, Musicians, and Actors – HELEN HIGGINS

8. Educational Institutions – GEORGE J. WILLAUER

9. Humor and Features – JAY GITLIN

10. Achieving Women – CAROLYN WAKEMAN

11. Advertisements and Illustrations – PATRICK PINNELL


13. Harry Franklin Morse – LAURIE PASTERYAK LAMARRE